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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Random Audio Blog Blurbs

Who has the best gear? Who has the best sounds? What brand makes the best keyboards? What app should I buy to make beats? Is this brand better than that brand? What do you use?
I get all the newbie/noob/newb questions when it comes to audio. Actual (from scratch) "beat programming" is becoming more of a lost art. I love & collect vinyl records. Sampling is a special special event for me. But, with so many different online venues with drum kits & sample packs available (including LOL), I feel a little empathy for the ones that are learning solely on samples made by another producer. Not to shade Splice or any of the Drum Broker type sites...
Currently, Akai is my "go to" sampler, synth, & DAW. 
My current struggle is VSTs though! 
Trial and error, I've grown to trust certain brands. As I figure... All producers develop the ear for certain strings, organs, basses over time. Takes mad patience to be a thorough sound engineer.  All Beat Makers should become GREAT producers/sound engineers. It's all about sound quality. The techniques needed to make great sounding music can be taught... But it takes linear time to normalize the way that sound waves work in the brain. 
With the right skills - you can process a reverb hall on a sound wave in your brain before even loading up the plug-in. (maybe that's just me?)

 Experience Isley for any craft or trade... (to be continued...)    
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