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Monday, July 16, 2018

Random Audio Blog Blurbs (Part 2): 99 free Plug-ins @insideAUDIO


Have you ever tried to spit out an amazing blog post while you are dog tired & dead to the world? 
That's what happened to me on part 1 of this post!
It's cool though. I recognize that i have regular readers, & that content for you guys is golden.
I'm on a plug-in kick. So, the dude (me) can be seen going over the major providers like, MOOG, Roland, Korg, Air, Camel Audio, Akai, etc...

I don't knock the start ups though!
There are independent companies & individuals out here coding some fire apps & plugs.
I keep my ear to these internet streets... LOL
Here's a slew of joints t try out 
99 free Plug-ins:
Meanwhile, I'm gong to pull out some old plug-ins to use with my MPC 2.0 & Akai MPK mini.
You already know what it is!
Peace To Jerusalem.
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