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Friday, July 20, 2018

Plug-ins: Apple EQ, Roland Cloud Based Synths & Drum Maschines

Woke up. Prayed. Hydrated. Ran a mile. Coffee & blogging time. 
This is that part of my morning where I’m reaching through the imagination to come up with new ideas & techniques to make & sell Beats. I had this epiphany while I was making coffee: Apple EQ has a “Hair Trigger” & is really accurate with the shelving of the bands. Every Tim I pop it open, I switch from. A 20 band EQ to a 10 band EQ because of the sheer power. I’m not sure if I got that EQ from logic or as a Garageband add-on. But, if I’m applying it to an individual sample, or a master track in MPC Studio -it’s crazy. I’m interested I all newer techy plug-ins. The thing about plugs is that they will max out your credit cards & if you like the plush sounds from the better brands. Inadvertently, I’m still on my plug-in jack as I reflect off of my blog post from yesterday. Roland has magically created a cloud based service that basically lets you use their entire legacy of plug-ins. From the TR-808 to the vintage synths that Roland has spearheaded... 1click away. That’s bananas. Welp! This Carpé isn’t going to Díem itself! Good morning & good day from Chicago!
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Peace to Jerusalem!
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