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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Get the Bag! Royalties in 2018.

Scanning the brain over coffee for a viable blogging topic. 
Checking twitter for dope new innovation in music. 
Appalling advertising via “New PROs” that want you to sign over your royalties so that they can collect them for you. Ha. 
I mean... Yeah, but no. 
Since Youtube popped off as this sentinel of streaming income for all artists - every one has to get a piece. Spotify & Apple Music are great avenues to publish music. Even SoundCloud has a royalty tweak these days for producers & rappers. 
If you are a new artist reading this, please use the older models of getting paid via a record label as a platform to build from mentally. The tactics that labels use to profit are beastly. Alternatively, these days - some artists are making massive amounts of dough by simply displaying a product on a small Instagram clip, without even dialoguing the product! Streams, followers, subscribers, & Stans are the new record label. How to monetize your fanbase is a tricky one. So many options & middlemen. I’ve even seen apps with a disclaimer & contract.
I guess the age old phrase,”Be careful what you sign” will never be irrelevant... CONSIDERING!

Peace to Jerusalem! 
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