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Monday, July 23, 2018

I‪’m still on my Plug-in Kick:‬ Audio Synth One | LoFly Dirt/DirtTape | Beatmaker 3| Cubase | iMPC Pro 2 | Auria | FL Studio | @AudioKitPro @intua ‪@MSXIISound ‬@retronyms @SteinbergMedia @FL_Studio @WaveMachineLabs


Coffee ☕️ Time! This is that moment where you realize that iOS & audio production has no cap. I run a few Facebook groups. 1 is the “AKai MpK Mini MK2” group. A newb asked me about using the controller with iPad & what apps to start with. After scrolling the brain Rolodex, I realized that the kid has options that I never had. I rattled off Beatmaker 3 & iMPC Pro 2. Then I had an epiphany. This kid has waaaaay more options than I did with iOS 6-9! More DAWs on the iOS platform came to mind. I gave him Cubase then FL Studio. I didn’t even think of Auria until the conversation was over. He seemed genuinely blown/stoked that he could get Cubase on iPad, so I left ‘well enough alone.’
I imagine my knowledge of audio being used as a vice that I can spoon feed in small amounts like a baby jar, or a huge pile that I can scoop & drop like a crane arm, back up like a dump truck to a person & just dump it on them. It takes a little expertise to discern were people are initially & determine what level of info is Important or *actually* helps the individual. LoL  

Oh, yeah... Plug-ins!
So, “Audio Synth One” keeps popping up in my twitter timeline. This really is a big jump for that app considering “Lo-Fly Dirt” as a plug-in effect has been dominating the headlines for about 3-4 months. I don’t think that Lo-Fly has been dethroned because they are 2 different plug-ins altogether. I imagine that used together in one project would be uber dope considering the skill level of the producer. But hey, sometimes LACK OF SKILL produces the RAWEST of beats. Go ahead & grab these 2 joints & plug away into your iOS DAW of choice. I’m sure that you won’t be dissatisfied. Bruh Luuh Out! 
::Mic Drop::

Peace to Jerusalem!
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