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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Amazon MP3 Will Delete Your MP3s on April 30th

Amazon released info that boldly screams to artists and producers. 
I know my writing style is a little extra, but when my data peeps inbox me articles that say Amazon is about to kill their mp3 service my antennas go up. 
That’s not even the heavy part - They are also going to delete users personal music files from their cloud based service! 
You have time & options if you have your back-ups on the Amazon Cloud. 
Mainly, (from what I perceive) dormant accounts are just taking up gigs & gigs space with unwanted or unused music. To be fair, I’m not sure if I am pro or anti. While it’s not cool to park your library on someone else’s hard drive (or server) for 2+ years - One of the entry level perks of the Amazon Cloud service was the ability to upload whatever music you want to your cloud space next to your Amazon MP3 store downloads. 
Ultimately, if you don’t log in to your account push a few buttons & pull a few levers, your iTunes downloads & personal mp3s that your ripped from CD will be obliterated. 
The reason that I say that this screams “changes” to artists & producers is simple: There is a Digital/Analog devise that Is going to happen in 2019. Best Buy announced that they are shipping CDs back to the warehouse this earlier this year. Those CDs will be replaced by vinyl records. Spotify recently went public. 
Subscription based consumption on other platforms like Hulu & Netflix are raking in billions. 
I’m not quite sure what the music industry is birthing, but I am convinced that CDs, Analog Tapes, & Vinyl Records(VHS? LoL) are becoming *rare collectors items* more & more with each passing second. 
Peace to Jerusalem. 

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