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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Akai MPC 2.2.1 Is Lit!


I should have made a blog post about this sooner. The creative juices for this topic just weren’t flowing yet.
Sooooo, I’m going to start w/ a rant about How Native Instruments took the pad based production blueprint from Akai. They snatched it from right under their noses. Native went heavy on the software coding aspect & left Akai in the analog era for a few years. By the time Akai had a decent software prototype, Native had a firm grip on software based - hip hop, edm, pop, & drum & bass producers. Their flagship controller, “The Maschine,” paved the way for their, “Maschine Micro,” & the, “ Maschine MK2.” By the time that the Mk2 dropped, Akai was slowly reclaiming the crown. *End Of Rant.*

Akai kept the integrity of MPC legacy with a beastly line of products to control it’s software. The Brand maintained the same feel of its hardware simultaneously. From the MPC: “Renaissance” to the “Touch” the “Studio” the “Live”(which is a stand-alone that doubles as a software controller) all the way to the King of all stand-alones & software controller hybrids “The X.”

The high light of this blog entry though is not controllers. I just wanted to give you (the reader) a brief history on the software controllers from both companies so that you could envelop how hard the Akai MPC Studio Software goes. MPC Studio is the software big brother that slaps Maschine around the playground for picking on its hardware little brother.
Not only does MPC Studio leave Maschin ein the dust with no audio tracks for vocal production, but it presents (this week) an interface for interface integration.

If you have a Mackie, all good. Mapping is welcomed.
Korg Control? Fine.
M-Audio random knobs & faders? Nooooo problem. Map those out with the software as well.
Akai Products have always done an amazing job of putting the midi manipulation of chopping samples & finger drumming directly into your hands. This is a grade above.
Without geeking out too much let me just say that each pad can have its own fader, panning, & 5 inserts. Not to mention the program & the master.
Audio bouncing & sampling is a flick of the wrist for MPCs, so the software is way too powerful for one man.
The future is mad bright.
Peace to Jerusalem.

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