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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

@Apple #iPhone7 #Rumors & @ni_NEWs's #iMaschine (@iJustine)


Hello beautiful people all over the world!!! 
So, I was watching a vLog from one of my favorites. iJustine. 
No time to get into specifics about her, just know that she is worth following. Anyway, in one of her latest of vLogs, she is addressing one of the biggest of all "The 7" rumors: 
"The 7 will not have an audio jack."
::Nelson voice:: Ha ha!!
No really, what?!!!
NO audio port?!!!!
(I have no words to express the feeling,
And... This is causing me to have a few extra large growing pains.)
I dismissed this rumor in spring of 2015. Here it is, spring of 2016 & people are still entertaining it. 
Part of me thinks that the good people at Apple put these rumors out to survey ideas without actually conducting a demographic study. (Put a rumor out and watch the vLoggers)
Imagine a future with no balanced stereo.

As you can tell, this blog post will be very angular... I don't have any actual iPhone 7 facts. And, I won't be going on and on about and/or creating a brand-new mis-informationabout Apple's plans for their new device. If you are to take anything away from this particular blog post, remember: the iPhone and iPad devices that we currently hold in our possesions will become vintage. We have to hold onto them and take excellent care of them because eventually they will become an amazing line oh Smithsonian exhibits. Even the Sony Walkman production ended last summer.

I am writing this post with a small amount of fear, but more so concern for the turn that audio is taking digitally via Apple products. Android is way too far behind for me to even torch on their platform. Android is clearly a rip of Apple's original screen platform layered on top of mobile windows. Sorry. I love android. But that is just a fact.

The reason that I chose iMachine in the subject line: It's one of my favorite apps that have yet to sync via Bluetooth Audio via AD2P in real time.
If you don't know what AD2P is, do a little research and reading on the subject and get up to date, please! 
If you are a steady reader of this blog, you know that I love my apps- especially iMaschine! I'm curious. Will Bluetooth ever be able to stream audio seamlessly with no delays? The biggest comfort that I have about all of this is the fact that nanotechnology is producing products like the Dragon chip. Mobile processes will need to be able to handle a minimum of five or more 16 bit stereo audio files and 16 midi channels being triggered via MMC in real time. I don't see that happening anytime soon.
I personally prefer letting audio stream out of the port and letting Bluetooth handle the midi. Exporting files are always a workaround, but sequencing music on your device is a chore without real-time midi grid snapping. 
In essence, This is just a heads up.
I will always love Native Instruments. I will always use iMachine! 
No time to go into MP3/MP4 audio degradation and loss.  Regardless, The future of mobile audio production looks beautiful. #Blah

I was surprised to see 1000 views on my blog on 31 March from Israel. Thank you so much! PEACE To Jerusalem. 
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