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Thursday, August 06, 2015's #Meetup in #Chicago with @JJitaliano!! #Podcast #Hypebot @CymbalFM @LaTaeviaBerry

HypeBot Meets Bruh Luuh Music in Chicago

What's up?
Last night I got the exclusive chance to build with J.J. Italiano (@jjitaliano) of  HYPEBOT (@HYPEBOT) + his super cool GF Dawn Apang (@DawnieLauren) at Emporium Chicago (@EmporiumChicago).

Cool People. Great company. J. J. has a humble wit about him that spilled over the entire conversation like champagne uncorked. I feel comfortable inviting people to the next Hypebot event because of this guy. All across the board, we covered algorithms to royalty collection agencies. He knows this industry & communicates the subtleties with the flick of the wrist. He even dropped an insane joke about replacing Bob Dylan lyrics with "Call Me Maybe" with the same chord structure. HILARIOUS. And. ironically... not a bad idea for a hit song. His GF proved to be knowledgeable as well (not that anyone is testing) about music & the industry. Genuine. If you weren't there... You missed out on some pretty heavy hitter geek speak. Power Couple? Yes. Power Couple.


I met & was blown away by Lataevia Berry( (@LataeviaBerry)'s brain!   
I presumed that she was a singer and asked if she was. I was immediately met with a foundation in music education, pure smarts, & experience, experience, experience. Do yourself a favor & visit her website like I did. She's a frigg'n GURU. She does everything from coding to developing *ARTIST SPECIFIC* materials with a passion! She's a force to be reckoned with- She has a Major in Music Business & a Minor in Music. She also has a Degree in Music Business & Technology. Yep. Silly of me to presume that she is just a singer, but she was gracious. She even gave me a bunch of tips to use on this here bloggy blog that you are reading. I am so grateful that she- along with many others were down to earth.

iPhone cameras suck with insufficient light...

Will Post ( (@WillPostMusic) didn't do alot of gabbing. Dude's a a genius. Just watch this. 

Another great musician that I met was, Tom Compton (@Rehydraters). All around cool guy.

Tony Ho (The kid in the back) is a Columbia College engineering student. He's smart & knows where to be. This event. We chopped it up about Cali, kickflips, tracking out music & all kinds of stuff. He's making the most of his education. Remember the name.

I didn't get a good panning shot of all the people that arrived because of the lighting. I hope to be invited to the next one. Thanks HYPEBOT. Peace to Jerusalem.
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