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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#Why #Streaming Is #Good... #For #You


Hey folks. 

It's me again. I just read a few articles about how online streaming giants are heavily delving into politics to keep streaming music free. It makes big business sense to pay millions to lobbyists to finagle laws in favor of collecting ad dollars. To be honest, the artists in the U.S. have not collectively formed an opinion about online streaming. (Insert Taylor Swift Punchline)

There are couple handfuls of mainstream (signed/major record label) artists that have jumped into the gambit, publicly expressing distaste for the streaming of their catalogs. 

I imagine that if you have a hugely successful catalog, the more control of your art that you have is important asset. When it comes to who can say what about where your music is commercialized, it's all about what you signed away, or how you maintain your freedom. Freedom as an indie artist affords selective marketing, but at the same time- being too selective diminishes the random fan discovery factor. 
Before there was the ability to upload an album & email hot tracks, artists depended on demos & mixtapes to garner notoriety. Who wants to sharpie a bulk pack of Office Max CDs when Dat Piff exists? There are some insanely creative artists that I stumble across on Pandora & Spotify just because they fit the genre that I'm currently vibing to. Tweeting a link to your followers to a concept project that you did in your basement last week is an amazing feat that wasn't always available for your average fan base building Joe. There is value in streaming music freely for indie artists. Peace to Jerusalem. 
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