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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

#What #YOU #Missed in #Chicago with @CDBaby's @Kbreuner: #ArtistMeetUp @FortKnoxStudios


The above picture, is a very nice photo bomb by the guy behind me on my left (your right) at Fort Knox Studios (@fortknoxstudios)  which is a well hidden, nicely located, well equipped, & pristine facility.
Both of our goofy smiles depict the pure glee shared by the majority of the artists that I talked to during CDbaby's (@cdbaby) Chicago visit.    

There were quite a few enjoying the open bar provided by Sweet Water Brewing Co. (@SweetWaterB)
I met guitarists, producers, vocalists... & the like. 

All side conversations abruptly came to an end when keynote speaker and highlight of the evening Kevin Breuner entered the room & checked the mic. Mr. Breuner clearly spoke on the integrity of the CDbaby brand in a way that communicated that they are a team of nice guys. After a few ice breakers, he opened the floor for questions, comments, & concerns. The in-depth dialogue was great. One of the biggest things that stood out to me was that he noted that there is a lack of artist & music exposure in Chicago which is the reason why CDbaby chose to host the artist meet up here.  Very cool night with down to earth people.
Below is a juiced up "USsie" that I took in an effort to polarize my nostalgia. 

Myself, & directly to my left you see the freshest PR man that I ever met (you had to be there) by the name of Dmitri  @ Rock Paper Scissors.

Directly to his left you see Kevin Breuner  VP of Marketing @ CDBaby.

To his left is Chandler Coyle   of Berklee Online / Music Geek Services.
(Sidenote: Berklee is a sponsor for CDBABY's upcoming "DIY Musician's Conference" at the Congress Hotel in Chicago.)
He also has a plethora online content & resources if you are a musician or an artist looking to learn the how to's & the what to do's. Subscribe & follow.

In the far back you see David Taylor II @TheIntrepidSong of HOUSE OF DT, INC.
Modern day renaissance mean. He does it all.

What a great night.  Peace To Jerusalem.
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