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Sunday, July 05, 2015

What if @Google ate @Youtube & @Spotify?

Teens... Tweens. They run around with their iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tabs, & Laptops.  They are smarter than the older siblings. And twice as smart as the generation before them. Their source far all new information is the internet... And the King of the Internet is Google. Hands down. Google's ability to cater to the youth is so genius that it's scary. Even this text that you are reading is sitting on a Google server waiting to be accessed. Oddly, this blog post is NOT about Google, but one of its arms. YOUTUBE. YouTube is the go to site for new music & music videos no matter the genre.  Teens & Tweens scan & scour Google's servers for new music content. They upload copyrighted material without a bat of an eye for playlists of their favorite artist's entire catalogue. All for absolutely "ZERO Ninety-Nine." The old saying rings true: "Why Buy the cow, when I can get the milk for free?" I really respect the subscription based effort. Rumors about Google & Spotify circle the net in different ways. The most potent one is that Google may purchase Spotify. DIGITAL DIGITAL DIGITAL. Will the CD become the 8 Track? See my previous blogposts about digital spin royalties if you want to see how this digital angle needs tweaking. Thanx for reading! Peace to Jerusalem.
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