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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

@Facebook | #Money | #Music | #Videos


Facebook is reaching one of it s "Google-Like" tentacles out to grab a piece of the music industry. Why? It's very simple. Ad Dollars. *$$Monetization$$* When I learned this word in 2009, I got so excited that if there was a way that I could partner up... CLICK! 

Seems as if FB's contracts won't be as simple as most *creator partnering* programs. Music videos will be laced with multiple company ads. Creators will be paid ad royalties in a complex {Creator A / Ad / Creator B} algorithm. 55% will go to Creators...[Creator A would get 3/4 of 55% = 41.25% of revenue. Creator B would get 1/4 of 55% = 13.75% of ad revenue] Facebook has partnered with a 24+ content creators like: Funny or Die, NBA, & Fox Sports aaaand 45% will go to FACEBOOK. (Just like YouTube.) Peace to Jerusalem.

Addendum: Facebook is in talks with major labels to license music videos.
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