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Friday, June 26, 2015

@TaylorSwift13 #Versus @AppleMusic


So Apple and Taylor Swift blew up Twitter this past week... Apple (along with everyone and their mother) is launching a new streaming service. They were apparently about to allow people to stream artist songs for free during the trial period. From what I saw on the news reports, Taylor Swift wrote an open letter on her tumbler blog to Apple addressing this Business practice. She was very polite. The letter was very well written considering that a lot of artists aren't very versed in proper English and spelling! To make a short story long, she beckoned Apple to pay artists for the streaming of their songs and the CEO of Apple obliged and responded via Twitter.

For some reason I'm not super excited about this. It's clearly a good thing when it comes to indie artists releasing projects that are not backed by major labels and need every dime that they make. (My band + solo career included in that tally.)
It's... actually great news! I just figured that this small fraction streaming money does not  balance out to the mountains of cash that streaming sites and other mediums that provide artist's content rake in every quarter via advertising dollars via the companies that want to target those artist's listeners.
The majority of the streaming websites that legitimately pay give artists a fraction of a cent per stream. I think Apple is one of the better companies& reports a full penny per stream.
Above everything this is a great PR move for Apple and it boosts Taylor Swift's brand tremendously. I guess, when I'm looking at Mount Rushmore I should be going after my own new carving instead of being satisfied with a few shavings. Thanks for reading & peace to Jerusalem!

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