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Friday, March 13, 2015

The #Benefits of "#WineCellar #Production"


Have you ever produced a song that took (is taking) forever to be released? Have you ever given/sold a beat to some one who is currently "squatting" on it? It seems as if the reasons that labels & artists use to hold onto release dates are all excuses to let time keep passing. I used to get frustrated when confronted with situations like these. I did some thinking on "scratch to release" after committing 3+ months on an album  project that released & sold less than 5,000 copies in in 2008. The initial burst of cash flow from a single or album feels great. Proper promo was vital for this project & when the promotion blitz/budget wasn't created, it just tanked. That cash stream dwindled down into a trickle & dried up. This industry requires a fervency in patience; song per song, project per project. 

As a producer, I've taken a page or 10 from the wine aging system when crafting tracks. I realize that each track has it's own process that it needs to go though. Once a track is crafted, it needs
To be heard by critiques & potential patrons. Every producer has their process of handling the shelf life of a beat. Some beats aren't bid up on or critiqed for years because they are still on the shelf. Some don't make the grade & are trashed, others get purchased. 
You're in a great position when a producer that has been doing production for years allows you to sit & partake of the fine wine from in the cellar. I personally call it the vault. None of this takes away from the timeliness of a hit song produced in a few hours, tho. You never know what the masses are going to accept or reject. But, music is artistry & rappers & singers are usually sentimental about their work. Most will give you the background on lyrics, music,  & albums. It means something to toil for your sound. & as it ages, the more priceless it becomes because of the work that you out in & the work that it takes for it to be released. Fine wine. 

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