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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#Album #Review: @MyNameIsKaylon #DespiteOppositionVol2


Hello America, and beyond. I am elated because today one of my videos on YouTube reached 100,000 views. In this post I'm going to do my first album review. My band "Conclave Download" did a show in Milwaukee with Markasa Chambers(@The1Alternative) at the 'Holy Grounds Cafe' and I ran into this artist and he handed me his CD. This artist goes by the name of Kaylon. I enjoy listening to this album. He has a steady flow with a delivery that is very strong on some songs and he pulls it back on others. I really dig the Milwaukee sound. This will be the first album review of many emcees from Milwaukee. Shout out to D' Aych!!! "Despite Opposition Vol. 2"

1. "Lifted"
Dope soul & MLK sample. This lead off track sets a nice tone. I am not find of the beginning drum sequence, but as his effortless flow drops it all evens out. Great delivery. Nice 808 drums

2. "Dedicated"
Ice Cube sample combines with soul horns. Nice mix. 808. The laid back flow on this is complimented by the beat. Good production, though the chops are a little edgy.

3. "Unapologetic"
Nice royal horn loop!!! Drums go!!! Milwaukee flow evident & reminds me of D' Aych just a little. Definitely dope.

4. "The Church Bulletin ft. Destiny"
Jazzy. Nice breaks. Braggadocio flow. Destiny does a good job of slapping the beat around with a melodic delivery.

5. "Je$us Piece"
West coast production feel. Dreamy synths. The bassline reminds me of an old school Too $hort beat. This song is very bouncy & trippy. Road trip joint.

6. "P.S.A.
Lovely sample chopping! Drumroll snare with some nice hi hats with a minimal kick stab. Rap flow oddly carries the beat when it's usually vice versa.

7. "Mrs. Right"
Midwest flow over 808s & Horns.
Good filter over the soul sample. Love Songish?

8. "Everywhere I Go"
Soul sample chopping with the 808 banging. Nice! Crazy breaks! Love this. Dedicated flow with good lyrics. Conscious flow.

9. "SOS"
Intro sounds like movie scoring for a dramatic scene. Great climatic build. The beat is very busy on the 1st verse. The mix is super clean. Smooth flow.
This song is relaxing.

10. "Alive"
The intro sequence on this is un-appealing. The drums are great & the rap flow is ill. Nice break & bassline & it ends abruptly.

11. "Unshakable"
Lovely Beat. Piano. Stadium sound morphs & exchanges drum kits & synth slides in & out. Good breaks.

12. "Sing About Me"
Another jazzy joint. Loopy 808 kit with a repetitive rim hit. Good breaks. Sad song. Left me hanging on the 1st verse in a good way. Great song. Great CD.

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