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Saturday, September 27, 2014

@SoundCloud #Rocks #Monetezation... #Finally!

AMAZING NEWS!!! It seems as if the good people at Soundcloud Have taken a page out of the Youtube partner book.
A couple blogs ago, I posted about SoundCloud & Dropbox being best servers to upload your content from your mobile production apps.

Content... Content... Content. . . As we fight to record and wield hot and relevant content, the huge server has proven to be a crazy smart investment. There are several websites that offer premium server space for a nominal fee. this move has placed SoundCloud up there with the big boys that offer monetary tiered space to host your podcast. I would suggest to anyone that has a podcast to look at SoundCloud as a new way to share your content. If you have been sleeping under a rock for the past 2 or 3 years then let me educate you a little bit on what SoundCloud is, and what it does. Think BIG. REALLY BIG. HUGE audio social networking site filled with singers & their ballads, djs & thier mixes, radio personalities & their fan bases, producers displaying their latest beats & mixtapes... uuuuh, preachers and their sermons. Signing up for an account is totally free and the amont of space that you begin with is great. Each file that is uploaded gets a visual .wav representation, title, tags, a license, a url, a graphic, and unique metadata. There are also share codecs on each file that open up for facebook, twitter, pintrest, etc... Also, the virtual sharing is a great option as well with the html embedding code given to each file for websites & blogs. For the sake of not making a 500 word essay, I'm going to detail some of the products that they are laying out as well as go into detail about making money from your files. mwaking money on Soundcloud is not an option for everyone at this time. This option is only being offered to whom the company has chosen to offer it. Hopefully, much like Youtube, one day SoundCloud will roll out partnerships for every single person with an account, or... at least make it available as an option.   Speaking of options, here they are:

Partner – Totally FREE!  3 hours of content, online support, basic reporting and statistics (play counts, likes, comments and downloads).
Pro – $6 per month (or $55 annually) 6 hours of content. Quiet Mode(manage comments and stats for your tracks) “Spotlight” your best work, by pinning your top track(s) and playlist(s) to the top of your profile.
Pro Unlimited – $15 per month (or $135 annually). Unlimited Uploads. Advanced analytics . With Pro Unlimited, you can see who’s playing/downloading your tracks, which countries/states/cities you’re most popular and which social networks are providing the most traffic or engagement.
(Note: If you use a Partner, Pro or Pro Unlimited account, no audio ads will be placed on your tracks and you are not eligible for revenue sharing.)
Premier - The premier level is available by *invite only* and this is the tier where artists can start making money from the tracks they upload.

Peace to Jerusalem.

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