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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#Beats #ForSale: #HowMuch? #Seriously?


Good morning Chicago! And, the rest of the known world. It's the top of the morning. I have had my coffee, shipped my kids off to school, and I am about to do some social networking- after I figure out what beats need to upload to my store. One question that I am faced with these days is: how am I going to be competitive in the common market of hip-hop beats? I am faced with this question every single day that passes & fades. It seems as if it is becoming more and more difficult to get top billing for beats when there are new producers literally giving beats away for $0.99! Some websites that offer bulk beat downloads. And don't get me wrong, these beats are top-quality... But, the proverbial game has been watered down. I was reading an article where one known producer, at the subject of the record label that he submitted his beat to; was subjected to scrutiny by the label after the song had reached commercial radio success. He was paid $7000.00 cash. I'm not sure what the contractual agreement was... but the label made a statement that he would receive his publishing and other rights for the music after the label found & paid publishers, cleared samples, and deducted those from earnings. I found all of this very interesting because the song was such a huge success. How realistic are the budgets for these producers, considering the return on the product that we are putting out? On one of my favorite albums by Timbaland called, "Shock Value," ("Give It To Me" feat. Nelly Furtado) he boasted that he make half $1 million on each beat. $500,000.00 is no small change for one track. Either that is some buttery lyricism, or people that offer tracks for as cheap as I do and the like are clearly being slighted. Then again, maybe we are just shortchanging ourselves. Nevertheless, it is fun doing what we do! Peace to Jerusalem.

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