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Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Snake-Pit Joy-Ride!!!


I watched a documentary the other night about Chicago Blues artists in the 70s. It covered some of their daily activities & some of them invited the cameras into their homes. 90% of the artists had day jobs. Some did odd jobs... others were trade workers such as plumbers-construction workers and the like. One thing that sucks about this industry is that the artist is always the last one to get paid.

So many companies profit from the music that artists make while the artist is the one who is scraping ends together to be able to pay bills.Let me name a few of the companies that get paid by what artist do: record labels, club owners, speaker companies, DJs, vinyl manufacturing companies, duplication companies for CDs, graphic artwork designers, advertising companies, movie soundtrack companies, car and home stereo system companies, TV stations, radio stations, liquor manufacturers/distributors, and the list goes on and on. People love their music. Music sells products. In a lot of cases artists are getting no royalties because of bad contracts or lack of knowledge.

I kind of want to end the blog right here. There's really no remedy for ignorance in the music industry. It's a never-ending Ferris wheel that people are just dying to get on. And once they hop on this snake-pit joy-ride, they see people who are striving and people who are suffering on both sides of the pendulum. If you are an artist and you understand what I am saying, please comment below and follow me on my social networks. Thanks for reading! Peace to Jerusalem.

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