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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I Got Punched In The Face!!!


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Yoooooooooooooo! Dope graphic, right?
Neo vs. Subzero??? Huuuh??? Huuuuuh?

This is a a good picture of what I think the majority of good artists go through (internally) when it comes to pride & ego. I'm entering a new phase in my career & I thought that it would be a good topic to address. As a rapper, there is a certain amount of swagger(for lack of a better term besides *pride*) to step onto a stage or platform & say whatever is on your mind or heart. With practice, get better & better at your craft, just like guitar, or piano until you reach a level of true professionalism. If the goal is to be the best, that drive continues for years with added moments of praise from family, then friends, & eventually other rappers or musicians & fans.

The gifts that we posses as musicians wow some & repulse others. We love that "wow factor" tho, don't we? When people give us that crazy praise... That pride vindication. Personally, I think that is a dangerous place. When we aspire to be the best for cheers & props, what happens when we don't get those things? What happens when there's a person that gets more cheers & are worshiped by their fans & you are not? Do you quit? Meltdown? Burnout?

Nah... Those are never the answers. I started thinking about this after rapping during the praise & worship session at my church this past Sunday. I'm maturing as a guitarist & have seriously rapped at somewhere in between 12 - 20 engagements this year. While I'm growing as a musician, my career & true thirst for ministry is steering me into a place that is new & I recognize that pride does does not have a place in what I know God to be doing in me & through me.

So, about that punch in the face.
Last Summer, I went to do a few appearances down in South Carolina at the
. While there, I received an insane amount of information about how we should represent God in the media. There's a right way & a wrong way. I realized that my passion for God & music were both tainted... Poisoned by the desire to shine on every track no matter who made the beat... Battle anybody... BE THE DOPEST.("for God" ::in small print::)
I always knew that true promotion comes from God. But I never considered how HUMILITY is the core of exaltation & how PRIDE is the driving force of a downward spiral toward the ground. Not only did I change my ways, but I battle the ninja of pride every single time i feel that I'm getting too much air in my chest. #POW!!! Peace to Jerusallem.

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