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Saturday, June 14, 2014

#Blog #Update: #What the #Heck is a #Monome? @DunkinChicago


This blog starts off with me chilling in the Dunkin' Donuts sipping on some coffee working on some music. I glanced over to the guy next to me and he has a weird little breakout box stemming from his PC. I asked curiously, "What's that little box? Is it a midi controller?" To my surprise the guy was very friendly and we started to chop it up about midi & different DAWs like Ableton, Cubase, and ProTools. To make a short story long, I asked him if it was okay to use his likeness in my blog. He agreed, so here you have it. Thanks a lot guys for the views, once again. I will be checking back in again soon. Peace to Jerusalem!

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