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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Hey 2014


CyberWorld! It's your soon-to-be favorite producer again with another blog for the 2014. Shout out to for syndicating my blog. In the very near future I will be converting my blog into a podcast which will detail my blog posts as well as cover new gear, video, gaming, music, tutorials, plus all of the other things that you guys love read/hear about.

Rather than have some slimy Facebook post on the first day of the year I decided to write a blog and let it be my mantra. So, in essence my first Facebook post will be a brand-new blog. I plan on doing a lot of great things this year like learning guitar with the correct mindset. It's not just about chords with me anymore. It's more about music theory. I want to learn how the notes work together... how they talk to each other... I imagine that this year will be a very prosperous one for me being that I am approaching it with the viewpoint of it being a journey and me learning new things. The most important thing that I appreciate today on this first day of 2014; is being at home with my family and spending time with my wife. They are the main source of where I pull my inspiration from. Everything that I do, or that I have done in the last 10 or so years have been inspired by my wife and kids. I am one of those blessed type of guys who has one of those patient wives that can "suffer-long" through my musical escapades!!!! Thanks for the 20,000+ hits in 2013 let's move forward!
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