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Saturday, December 07, 2013

#Free #versus #BigBudget #Projects by @BruhLuuhMusic


In the words of the great Willie Nelson, "Been a long time Lucille!"

I see a lot of bedroom producers (Shoutout to & ) branching out to Twitter and Instagram to publicize their entrepreneurial endeavors. In other words; they are tweeting for potential clients and Instagram their 15 second beat snippets for potential clients. I think that this is great! Although, this blog is not about that. This blog is about treating "free projects" the same as a "big budget projects." Why is this important? There are a couple of different reasons why I say that these two vastly different playing fields are on level ground, or at least they should be treated as such. The number one reason is the golden rule: Q: If you were "Joe Artist" and you had zero budget dollars to get your project done----- how would you expect to get that project done? Those famous words from gone with the wind echo through my mind: "I've always depended on the kindness of strangers!" There's a certain mercy that I think that producers should have for talented artist that are willing to sacrifice for the craft but don't necessarily have the funds to get big-budget beats *or* commercial studio time. There's a work attitude of being lax that producers present to artists that don't have the large budgets -in that- they don't treat their projects as priority and you can hear it on the post production level, plus++++ the elongated time of getting the project done is a frustration in the pre-production phase. I must conclude that this is so very wrong! We all have to pay bills. So, the understanding of achieving balance is key in a producer's life. But, doing lax projects & signing off on them it is not the route to take. Which takes me to number two. You never know who's got next!!! You never know who has the drive... *now or later* that's going to take them to the next level in their career. You never know who God is going to exalt! Point blank. If the heart of the King is in the hand of God and he turns it in whatever way that he pleases, then, so are the hearts of the Kings in the music industry! Granted, there is a lot of snake pit decision-making that goes on at the higher levels of pop, hip-hop, gospel, and other music genres... (I say that because the artists are always the last ones to get paid. It's is their blood, sweat, and tears plus++++ talent that goes into feeding the entire industry that whores/ pimps out their entire existence.) But, if you have been following my blog since the first post you will see you the theme of independence as a thread running through each and every post. Artists have to take the industry by storm! And they can't do that without the proper allies & No budget. I get it though:::::::When dealing directly with labels, producers get paid whether the artist gets paid or not. And, it's up to the artists to educate themselves on proper contract reading. At the same time, when producers have a direct relationship with the artist, shouldn't there be a camaraderie and level of mutual business equality? Yes. Because, ultimately we all depend on each other and eventually the table might turn into the favor of someone whom you treated rashly. Or, you didn't take their project as a priority and they were offended and held onto resentment up unto the point that you need them. My third and final reason is just basic love/family/friend principal. Relationships are more important than paper or money. Just food for thought. Peace to Jerusalem!

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