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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Your Intellectual Property. Their Servers. #SocialMedia


So you're chopping it up with a friend on Facebook inbox or Voxer the Walkie-Talkie app from your mobile device. Then boom!!! It hits you... Everything that I say, type, visit, shop, peruse, or whatever is being recorded and stored onto someone's own personal server. Do we consider where our personal information is being stored? No! Do we consider the integrity of the owners of these servers? Again, No! For all we know these servers are located at a business or in an apartment on the North East Side of Chicago! Point.

How we conduct ourselves privately is our own business right? Ok. This is not a blog on invasion. This is a blog about agreements. Let me be candid: Ya' know how you download an app & the the app says "log in with Facebook or Twitter?" Well, examine the ramifications on including a stranger onto your property in exchange for the right the record with their software onto their server. I'm not saying that every Internet guru wit a site that you sign into is going to take the information for your Facebook & crawl your wall, steal your Identity and misuse all of your information. #Point.

I'm saying, be careful what you record. I follows you. It's included in your estate when you die. I know I got some Ratchett stuff on my rabbit trail. #LoL Peace to Jerusalem!

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