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Thursday, September 05, 2013

#Mobile #OverKill (#Samsung #SmartWatch)


So, away we go again! Wow... This blog will be very double edge swordy & quite two sided. The new Samsung smart watch is fascinating to say the least. As I look at all of the specs and capabilities I'm amazed as to how technology has progressed in this day and age.

I remember all of the old cartoons that I used to watch when I was a child and the most advanced Tech during those times in the cartoons was a watch that you could communicate with visually, audibly, and remotely. In the cartoons the watches could do anything from summon a jet plane to getting information from headquarters. Was this technology capable before today? I think that it was. Was the public ready for it? No. And I don't think that we are ready for it today.

The reason why I titled this blog "overkill" is because of many reasons and reservations. Some I will not point out in this blog, others I will be more vocal about. The main reason why I called the Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch an overkill disaster-piece is because of no fault of their own. I realize that they are a business out to make money.

"Consumer Responsibility," that's the key phrase here! Now that I've gotten that word out of my proverbial stomach... Stomach this: when it comes to wireless devices there is no accountability among the masses. Why do I make this statement? I make this statement because there are hundreds to thousands of murders/deaths every year due to cellphone users texting while driving. Workers die on the job while reading a new text or Facebooking while operating heavy machinery. Now, mind you, I know that I am a lone voice in a world that has very few boundaries and/or limits. The fact that I'm even bringing up the accountability issue about cell phone purchases, people being distracted by social media, and things of that nature is somewhat contemptible and contestable by any random person that has a mobile device in this age. So, in retrospect I won't go all the way in with my "John the Baptist" preaching as a voice in the wilderness message. LoL But, I will say this: Please be responsible and exercise wisdom with the knowledge and wellspring of information that God is giving to us today in this age, people. I don't want to be as extreme as to say that you are going to be on the highway driving with 16-year-olds that have just merged with a brand-new drivers license equipped with a Starbucks latte in the left hand, the information highway voice-activated camera stream to the Internet on their wrist, cell phone in the right hand, steering the wheel with the left knee, and trying to figure out how to put their makeup on after getting the visor down. I am saying, if you are reading this… Be the difference. DISTRACTION IS A BLINDER & A THIEF. Peace to Jerusalem.

P.s. Apple, where u @?

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