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Friday, September 27, 2013

#AudioBus on #iPad/#iPhone: How #BeatMaker 2 Scoffs At Your #Studio


This blog is a little late... actually is very late considering that I've had this app for at least... I would say, more than three months. What is AudioBus? Basically, it's an app to app bridge/bus in iOS that can communicate(transfer audio/midi) to the Beatmaker app via your sound card in your device.

When I found out that this thing actually existed I was ecstatic! Reason being, I was a little uneducated about everything that it does. When I actually purchased it and put it to the test, I saw that the world of mobile beat making does not stop and/or is not limited to, even one's own imagination. First of all, beat maker stepped their game up by creating an audio engine on the iOS platform that; once a condenser mic is plugged into the iPhone/iPad you can record studio grade vocals. When you add audio bus, you turn Beatmaker into a DAW with the capabilities to record audio from modules that have been turned in to apps for other reputable companies. Korg Kaossilator & Samvada are 2 of my faves.

The beautiful part about this is that we're not limited to the app itself. There are so many companies that are developing new sound app technologies and transforming all of our Beat machines and sound modules into apps that... moving into the future- there will be no limit to the sonics that we can achieve just by plugging headphones into our mobile devices. Peace to Jerusalem

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