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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My Music Career Versus Your Opinion


Can I vent a little bit? Being an artist has taken me a lot of places. I've been on television, On tour, I have worked with several talented people. This blog has been inspired by the premise of talent being used to make money, for love of the art, or the glorification of God. I choose to do the latter. This mere love for the art and the glorification of God are the two main reasons why I decided to make music my career. And with the decision comes flak. Seven out of 10 people feel some type of way about The skills that I possess and how I choose to use them! And, they feel some type of way about the fact that I've chosen to use my life as an instrument to project the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this point in my career and with all the things that I've been through regarding it, I really don't care how anymore! I don't care because I've been pulled to the side by cameramen to ask me questions about my music and what a waste of talent it is to use it the way that I'm using it. I've seen the sneers and jeers of people and their change of facial expressions and eye contact when I mentioned that my music is "Gospel" or "Christian." I'm firmly rooted in my faith! I don't care about the money that people throw around to try to control the industry, people, their families, and their lives. Quite frankly, for those of you that feel that I should be doing something other than gospel music, you should try doing what I do before you criticize me. Good luck with that. Peace to Jerusalem

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