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Friday, July 12, 2013

Akai MPC/FLüD Watch... Fail, or WIN?


I don't think I'll ever be this rich! One of my Facebook friends(shout out to Olaf Demmers!!!) posted a picture of this on my timeline and tagged me in it. I thought to myself, this is excellent! It's a watch that looks like an MPC! So, it sparked my interest. I went online, and did a little research. I found out that this watch exists and is a workstation!!! I went to Flud watch dot com and found out that there are either replicas or originals of this watch for $80. Unfortunately the young man in this video paid $5000 for his version. I wouldn't mind having one of those if it was a gift. With my wife in mind, I don't think that I'll ever pay $5000 for one watch. No matter how much money I make on or off the job in or out of the music industry. $5000 is a bit much! Shout out to Dean Rogan A.K.A. Track Runna. Peace to Jerusalem!

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