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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Son On the Roland Fantom X6

Good morning! Yeah!!! happy Presidents' Day!!! My son is helping me write my blog today so you may see random Yeahs!! & other random words throughout this blog post. Okay I'm going to go ahead and let him get everything out of the system:
"Boody idiot Tapic indicated you been up Ak I Grayeyes boo Lilloct will Dulin Idessa grilled cheese sandwiches no you don't blah blah blah blah blah Breller OLB delete doing DQDB Lunalilo that"
Okay so that's as close to words is my dictation app will capture his random f*rt sounds and yeahs! Although he still likes to interrupt when I am talking into the app to make a random word like,"yeah!"
Just watch him on the Roland Fantom Youtube vid. We will be here having fun all day.Peace to Jerusalem

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