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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Living Room To Living Room


Too many avenues are being created for music production. From apps to workstations, to point & click/drag & drop DAWs. There's really no excuse for artists to "Coyote Ugly"(watch the movie) their own demos, EPs or full length LP. That's just my opinion tho. U know?

The home computer & laptop created the music industry equilibrium to an extent. When I look @ Trinidad James's story, it's like wow. He says, (And I quote) "I went on, downloaded some free beats & recorded my Mixtape in my living room."

So, when you add elements like youtube & twitter to your promotion scheme there's that Chana that you will spark the curiosity of the masses. Just ask, Korean K-Pop sensation, "PSY" who's crossover hit, "Gangnam Style" has over 1 billion views via youtube alone on his personal account. Not to mention the copy cat accounts banking off of the popularity of primarily Korean rap lyrics.

That's all... I'm heading in to Sunday morning service. Peace To Jerusalem.

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