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Saturday, August 04, 2012

The Blank Page


I was just sitting here thinking, "where would I be without music?" I don't know. Probably working some miserable job that I can't stand every day making the people around me miserable. When I did work a day job, I would use my breaks to write lyrics, poetry, and do beats on my laptop or whatever. Music is such a viable part of my life that I can't imagine life without it. I mean, I am just an all-around art lover. Music as an artform is not truly appreciated the way that it should be unless you are a true musician. This thought comes from being a beat maker for so many years and not taking the time out to learn music theory, chord progression, and all the things that are incorporated to make one song. Writing the actual notes to a composition really makes you think. When I am laying a drum track its pretty second nature to me. It's like riding a bike. Of course it wasn't at first, but after a while laying drums becomes the foundational part of a song and a very simple thing at that. Picking up my guitar becomes a blank & empty slate... or, an empty piece of paper, if you will. It takes time and a lot of patience plus imagination to what my guitar instructor calls, "Make the guitar talk." I imagine that classical pianists feel the same way when starting a brand-new composition. I know I shouldn't, but I do a lot of second guessing myself and wondering if I have what it takes to succeed in the music industry for 30+ more years. I guess… Only time will tell. Peace to Jerusalem...

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