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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Needle Drop Sample Chop


Doing some mixing... This beat has a chopped up sample off some vinyl. So, as I'm mixing I come to the conclusion that the sample may or may not have too much hiss from dropping the needle. Hmmmm... What do I do? Do I try to EQ the hiss out? Do I use some type of De-Esser? What about X-Hum? Or, X-Hiss? Ha! I totally stopped everything that I was doing to blog about it. HahHahHahHahHa...

So, here's the thing.I love vinyl scratches, pops, humm, and hiss.It makes the final product have a certain character about it. Now, don't get me wrong... I don't just take any grungy nasty sample and throw it into a mix and use a muddy muddy audio rip. I like quality. Although, you don't always have to reduce the integrity of the original recording by adding effects that filter out the fingerprint of what you originally heard. The thing that captured you about a song is what you want to convey to the listeners of your creation. (Just my view.You may or may not agree.) Most producers/beat makers love to use shadowing techniques to disguise samples in their entirety to prevent anyone from knowing what the sample is or where they got it from. That's that underground! The production industry has gone insane with sounds. Even the stock sounds with some of the VST's that have come out in the last five years like Goliath and Sample Tank are just crazy, bananas... You may be listening to a song & say,"That is a dope sample." But, it was probably a stock sound. I think that having these VST sounds available are good because they prevent you from taking someone else's work. I have my convictions about sampling other people's work, I must confess. As a musician I realize how important it is to eat from your work. I guess that's it... I'll holler at y'all later. I got more mixing to do. Peace to Jerusalem.

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