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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

iRig Mixer? Looks Dope...


What's up friends? Things here are good. This past weekend, I got a chance to go to the Guitar Center. It was an awesome time! Basically, I wanted to take a look in the iDevices section. To my surprise there were several new pieces of equipment to add to your arsenal. The main thing that stood out was a mixer that allows you to connect 2 iDevices and a guitar or Mic and mix/scratch just like a DJ. I, personally have no need for this piece of equipment but I am still like, wow!

I, personally don't have need for this particular piece of equipment but things are coming out so rapidly that I can't keep up with every new piece.

I saw this iRig mix and figured that I would give you guys a heads up. So, I am pretty sure that all of the new devices that are being released work with most of the major app makers products.

When you are a beat maker you have to love your job! I strongly advise not purchasing used electronics. You never know where gear has been or how it has been abused. I didn't get the MSRP for this particular piece of equipment so you will have to Google, Amazon, or eBay it for yourself. Thanks for reading the blog and keep rocking. Peace to Jerusalem

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