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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gear Talk: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Open Labs


Yo what up? My PC just told me that it's going to take 21 minutes to delete about 1300 samples off of my Roland Fantom. I'm like, "What?"
So, here I am. Gear, gear, gear! I figure that the way that analog & digital audio gear is being manufactured now it's always best to have one piece of equipment that does one thing excellently. It's not really important to have one piece that does five things ok. That, my friend, is a waste of time money and energy.(But... I have some ideas!) I love my Fantom and I will endorse Roland products until I die. That is how passionate I am about Roland and Roland products. But, unfortunately Roland could learn a few things about file import & export from Korg. This thing likes to slow down or freeze when reading sample files. That, to me should never be an issue. The Phantom has a PC card slot that I've maxed out with a 2gig micro SD card with an SD card slot adapter. I imagine that if I only ran a 64 Meg card like an MPC 1000 the Fantom would run more efficiently but, I have to have my samples! I am in the middle of cleaning the card up and replacing the space with things that I actually need to use. No sense in having kicks, snares, Hi hats, and other things on the card just taking up space. Honestly, my dream piece of equipment would be the Roland Fantom series combined with the Korg M3. That would be pandemonium. Plus, add a little of the Yamaha Motif warm analog and you have the perfect audio digital/analog outboard DA W standalone control surface work space! Wow! I just thought that up and I'm not high. Come to think of it, there is a company that makes a Windows based standalone that allows you to import all of the skiboards and it is called the Miko & the Neko manufactured by a company called Open Labs.
They even produce a Timberland signature series piece that costs about MSRP $6,999.00.

I am just sitting here daydreaming about new gear when I should be content with what I have. I am grateful to God about what I had and I really do a good job of conveying my thanks to God by making good music. I'm wondering though, would I get rid of all of my gear & copp that one piece? Ha! Gotta go... Peace to Jerusalem.

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