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Friday, August 10, 2012

DropBox: I Can't Believe That I Slept On This!!


(Proofread, Updated, & Edited by b.L. 8/11/12)

Editing some YouTube stuff blogging at the same time. You can't tell by reading my text, but I'm very happy that I decided to open an account with Dropbox. My first encounter with anything dealing with dropbox was an e-mail. Somebody sent me a connection. At first, I was like, "What is this another Facebook?"
Needless to say, I blew the e-mail off. Well, to make a long story short… I signed up for Dropbox today and was totally blown out of the water!
Everybody should have one. Basically,it is a file sharing system that places your files into an account online. But that's not all. It also places a live file folder on your laptop or PC and has an app that will sync your phone folders as well. (iPhone and Android)
Then, whatever you place into the drop box is available on all of your devices. For me this is crucial because I deal with a lot of large picture and song files. The most excellent part about this particular account is that you can share files with others by simply providing them with a live link! When you open an account you get a standard 2 gigs which is quite generous. Then, you have the option to pay for more space as an upgrade. If you are a musician or any type of artist or just a regular Joe that is clumsy with your devices where you lose information... dropbox is a good option for you. If your laptop or mobile device gets lost or destroyed you still keep your precious, precious files.
Here's the downside to all of that: at some point short time ago, someone was able to hack into about 100 accounts. Information was downloaded but not altered. So, I'm going to end this blog by saying this: "Make sure that the files that you have in your dropbox are either encrypted or that they do not have sensitive information." Know what your doing. Peace to Jerusalem
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