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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Artist Highlight: Drake Executive Produce Aaliyah's New Album?


I am a Drake fan. Drake has defied the invisible barrier that artists outside of the US has to overcome to be even considered as a underground much less a mainstream artist. He has decent vocals and his steady flow of slow delivery and easy-to-understand lyrics have permeated our radios, intellectual property, and MP3 players.

He defied industry. I remember reading somewhere that Drake broke his ankle and moved his studio into his apartment so that he would be up to finish his album on time to meet contract agreements. I think that this guy has the dedication to be great. Most rappers these days are signing contracts with other rappers. No joke! Well, this guy is moving on to put on the producer hat.

I read an article today on that boasted Drake's new journey of executive producing Aaliah's new album. I am just excited. I probably would be just as excited if this was an announcement for a new Biggie album. I made Even be as excited as I would be if they were announcing a new Tupac or Left-Eye album. My only expectation and hope for this particular project is to have some of those insane Timbaland beats on it!!! All in all, this is great news. Peace to Jerusalem

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