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Friday, July 06, 2012

Why is a Governmental Copyright Stamp So Important?


Guitar lessons are going smoothly. I actually wrote a couple songs. Already... LOL while I was writing, I started thinking about how easy it is to mimic melodies or other songs on the strings. How easy? Tooooo easy. Little piece of this song, little piece of that song, boom... Hit record. 

Sounds innocent. Ha! But it's really thievery. STEALING!!! Happens all the time. especially when every laptop & home beatmaker is sampling from Stevie to Madonna.

COPYRIGHT yo isht, yo!!!! The main thing that separates the successful label from the broken one is paper work. Bootleg releases on MySpace get infringed upon by major artists all the time!  One of the worst thing that could happen is you get hot & your the second one releasing your own ideas on a major scale. My last blog detailed Eminem's plight in court about his own music. He wouldn't have a leg to stand on without his copyright ownership.

Believe me when I say that the people that make the most $$$$ cha•ching off of music, didn't create it. LoL sad but true. Learn how music ownership breaks down. Never sign away your rights unless it's too your benefit. (which it usually isn't.) usually artists sign away their rights for fame while the proceeds of their work fuel the label which pays for touring & the like. Ok, giving away alot of info here... Ha!

Ummmmmm.... Yeah, I'm on a caffeine high... Back to the music... Peace to Jarusalem. 

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