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Friday, July 20, 2012

Where is Audio Headed?


Yeah, so I usually don't do more than one blog a day but today I have something that I'm very passionate about that I want to blog so... here we go. Technology has reached a point where it doesn't really matter if you play, record, engineer, mix, master, or all of the above because everything has been digitized. I love it! The angle of this blog is to talk about how just 10 years ago... well maybe 10 to 16 years ago your analog musicians and engineers were at ends with digital musicians and engineers. They argued which one was better. I was in love with both. And eventually combined the two.

I never have a problem with people asking me questions about audio. Ever. But today, I had a thought that could not be ignored.

"Where is audio headed?"
I think that it's a legitimate question.

I'm sparked because 2 days ago I took some tracked out drums made on my iPhone & did a wifi file transfer to my laptop. Then I opened this files in my DAW. Started tweaking & entertained adding some acoustic guitar. Coul you do this 10 years ago? No. Crazy.

I realize that I am the tomorrow musician of yesteryear, but tomorrows musician is going to be a beast because of the good people at Apple & Microsoft.

Unfortunate for the undecided musician tho, there are too many variables out there with software & such to just not know or to be unsure. Being computer-savy is a must.

Why not 2-track your band's live performance from the club's mixing board into your iPhone & offer it as a fan exclusive? Why not walk into the studio & wifi an entire album recorded in your garage from home by remote desktop? Why not master an entire album on your iPad at the beach?

These are options that tomorrow's musician needs to be geared up for. Live media.
Some engineers are on the same page with me, but there at alot of fruity loops guys that just want to push their 99cent beats on whatever website & they are fine with it. No offense/disrespect to fruity or it's users.
there's nothing wrong with that, either. But let's use our imaginations to create a universal platform of musical sync.
Let's innovate!

Peace to Jerusalem.

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