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Monday, July 30, 2012

OPEN LETTER: To President Obama


Okay… So, today I wrote a song that is an open letter to the president. The song was inspired by the frustrations of being black & living in the ghetto all my life. Being that we have a black president that can identify with the struggles of being poor, I decided to write a song that reflects that life. It's going to be on my mixtape. I used the instrumental from Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet." The topics that are very political. Some are very racy. But all in all, I think that I'm saying some things that need to be voiced by the black community. One thing that I love about the digital revolution is that you don't really need a physical medium to put your music out there. This particular mix tape song may be superhot or it may land me a lot of hot-water. Either way, I feel like things are tough economicly for all. Times have been tough in this country for black people since its establishment. This song has issues that I don't think any other rapper would touch. Rappers like to glorify themselves. Some positive rappers touch on political and economic corruption, but none go in depth or identify with 1 politician. Stay tuned. Peace to Jerusalem.
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