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Saturday, July 21, 2012

iRecording/iPhone:Stereo Input... Could it be? Yes!!! BLUE & Line 6 Have Done It!!!!


Ahight... so this blog is generated by some chill saturday afternoon surfing the net. I'm a little frustrated. But, not too much. When it comes to gear I an usually find what I want right away. Ha!!! Not so: with finding a good audio/stereo input for my iPhone 4. Since the homie Kev Diggs convinced me into downloading the Beatmaker 2 app I've wondered how to record live samples without having to use my laptop, booting up,opening iTunes, taking a recorded & edited sample,Then drag & dropping it into my iPhone. #TEDIOUS

All of that disturbs the creative process.

My iPhone should be ready to record samples from any audio source of my choosing at any given time. That's just my opinion. So, I went on a quest to find the best interface for the iPhone to achieve this goal. In my quest, I found two interfaces that fit the bill. One is made by a company/brand called "Blue" & the other is made by a company called "Line 6" I read the reviews and before I buy, I want to see what other user's reactions are to these products and compare pricing. The Blue Brand "Mikey" is visually a superior product and also has a company name that delivers quality products. Blue condenser mics & adapters are on the upper level of PLUSH audio gear. I'm leaning toward this product because of its brand name plus quality in past purchases. This particular interface converts you iPhone into a condenser mic plus has a stereo input for your audio source. Thumbs up.

The Line 6 "Mobile In" also presents a nice option. The device itself has no mic, but it brags with 2 audio source inputs! 1 for guitar & the other for stereo input. Nice.

Line 6 also has a great brand name & have been making guitar pedals effects & accessories for years.

None of the youtube videos that I found really represent the produts very well. people make them look flimsy. Very delicate.

I won't get into all of the specs but, both have free programs in the app store.

Thanx for reading. Peace to Jerusalem.
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