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Monday, July 16, 2012

Highlight: "Andre 3000" & Why Rappers Should Diversify


I don't have anything in particular to blog about but, I do have some things on my mind. The first thing that I want to talk about is being an artist and diversifying your career. One of the artists that I really look up to is Andre 3000. Have you seen him on those razor commercials? I watched this guy to go from rapper in Atlanta, to musician, and then hollywood actor in many motion pictures. I feel like it's really important not to just rap. Rap music is awesome don't get me wrong but, being an entertainer qualifies you for more options if you don't limit yourself. I read an interview that Andre 3000 did shortly after releasing the "ATLiens" album saying that he would like to learn new instruments. This really intrigued me because my view of the music industry was really limited and I had those stars in my eyes that suggested what I thought. I thought, that once you make it as a rapper in the industry you "made" and are good. Countless numbers of my favorite artists and groups either quit or broke up because of money issues, not being paid, and other life situations. I won't go into any names but, I will say that I wish that all of my favorite artists that aren't writing, recording, and performing today would venture out into other areas of entertainment. We love entertainers. That's why Tom Cruise and Will Smith make the amount of money that they do for films. Another artist that I would like to highlight also from the same camp (Dungeon Family) as Andre 3000 is Cee-lo Green. I followed Cee-lo from GoodieMOb to him going solo, and then becoming this strange... yet awesome underground popstar under an alter ego known as "Gnarls Barkley." It's crazy how huge that album was. He released several albums and eventually got into television and signed a contract deal with the NBA for his fellow members in GoodieMOb. I don't think the majority of independent artists understand how huge it is to sign a contract with the NBA whose website alone gets over 1 million hits a day. Rappers don't need good jump shot! Rappers should not stay just rappers. Producers should not just stay producers. Music is art and it imitates life itself because of the fact that it is so beautiful. I guess that's all I want to say. Thanks for reading. Please to Jerusalem!
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