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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Eminem Was Screwed Out Of His Royalties By Universal. (My Opinion)


Welp... It looks like having a little to pay lawyers pays off a lot... Well, only if you're Eminem. So, a bout 5 to 6 months ago, the music industry was buzzing about the lawsuit that Eminem won against Universal. The lawsuit details are vague, but the key part of the suit that is important for all artists is that Em was able to prove to a judge that digital sales: paid MP3s, iTunes purchases, etc... Are not owned. In fact, the judge granted Mr. Mathers motion to lawfully make all digital music sales licenses. This gives artist a higher percentage of the rights that distributors & labels collect for the artist & the contributors to the work.

With the suit still being an ongoing battle I read an article by that stated that Universal tried to deceive Eminem & the court by claiming only Aftermath's percentage of royalties in in the case. WOW!!!
Link Here:

Everything that we sign as artists & producers is important. I can only imagine the way people at getting taken advantage of that aren't even close to Eminem's stature as an artist. "That's just the way labels work... --Universal" was not sufficient for the judge & He ruled that an artists percentage of royalties should be calculated from 100% of the original of gross income, not a percentage of the artist's label percentage. Arg...

The music industry is & has been messed up for a long time. There's very little transparency when it comes to money talk. I urge all artists, especially Christian, to stop rocking for free if it's not our own. Events, shows, sales, distribution should be paid in full. Peace.
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