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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Earn $$$ From Your Music!! Psyche! That's A Dirty Website!!!


Okay. So if you're a new artist, you're looking for new innovative ways and different avenues to make money off of your music. So... you do like the 100 million other artists in the world and you take to the Internet with a fierce fire! The only thing that I have to say to you is, _be careful what you electronically sign. There are a lot of new websites owned by shady managers, shady artists, shady labels that thrive on your ignorance. A lot of these websites brag and beacon you with "free promotion" this & "earn $$$$" from your music that. These websites have become the *Venus Flytrap* of the digital revolution. (In my opinion)

Promises. Promises. Promises… Here's my problem with these websites: #1. They solicited you buy some way of advertisement or e-mail then they aggressively prompt you to submit your music through an upload form and electronically sign an extensive *legally binding* contract that releases copyrights. You then, allow them to license your music and distribute it. This is a form of ownership in the sense that if the website owner is not the most ethical, artists will not get everything that they are entitled to when it comes to licensing and mechanical royalties. This is very sad… Because most new artists have no idea what it is to truly have a grip on how the pie chart of a song or album is divided. This is unfortunate. Very very unfortunate. (Giggle.)

#2. Meanwhile, Joe Dirty Distributor is banking off of your music in several ways. One is from other companies that solicit advertising on the website to your fans. The site is also making money from direct downloads of your music. Add to top it all off, you don't get what you earn/deserve. That's an outrage!

Go ahead... LoL! Upload your fresh heat to all of these wiggetyWIGGETYwiggetyWACK sites& sacrifice your fortune for fame.

Resolve: Just read the contract.

Peace to Jarusalem!

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