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Monday, July 23, 2012

Artist Highlight: The T-Pain Effect: Death & Rebirth Through An App.



You already know the T-Pain's grind turned cinderella story.People fell in love auto told by the masses. At one point, there was no song on the radio that did not have autotune on it. Madonna used it. Cher used it. Every R&B artist in the game used it. Well maybe I am exaggerating just a little bit. Autotote has had some type of infectious "effect" (play on words) on all of us. I have alot of respect for T-Pain as an artist & business man. Not alot of artists patent their sound. He Did. Not only that, he then took the patented sound to a toy maker & app developers. Wow.

Which brings us here. Wow, what a connected app! This app isn't too heavy on the pockets & transforms anyone's voice into a superstar & shares your recorded content with your social sites. You can choose T-Pain's hit instrumentals, download new ones as an "in app purchase," or use your own.

The recent update allows you to video record your performance & has a codec for YouTube upload.

The app is Dope. #TeamAndroid friendly too.
Peace to Jerusalem.

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