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Saturday, July 07, 2012

Are sites like Amazon MP3 & iTunes To Difficult For New Users?


Ads... They are everywhere. Especially on sites that accept payments from consumers. The question is,"Could pay sites be simpler?" the answer is,"Yes." it's sad to see that a certain demographic isn't able to buy music from their favorite artists because there are a million links (related & non-related) on the same page as the product.

The problem is that stores make just as much (if not more) on ad space as they do on the music downloads themselves. This creates an imperfect competition between the record labels & the advertisers. how do we change the way that Walmart presents our music downloads online? What can you do to change the layout & credit card processing of PayPal & iTunes?

You can't...

10 months ago, M.C. Hammer announced that he would advance the search engine experience with his own. The site bragged to have quite a few edges over Google & the like... But Google is a Goliath that not many David's have the ________ to mutually combat with.

I see the same issue with the way the super powers of music downloads control the market. At this point in the game, label heads would have to band together & build a new network that would cater to their artist's fans. The hard thing would be is to gain search engine traffic over the majors like iTunes, Amazon, Napster, etc... How easy is that? Not very. Peace to Jerusalem...

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