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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why BeatMaker 2 Crushes all other BeatMaking & Production Apps (Screen Shots)

Today is a very busy day. Through all the madness, I am able to stay less stressed because of my love for music. Stress can kill you. Although, I think that being an artist and a musician totally negates bad energy, thoughts, and people. I am not going to go on a rant or a tangent about music and health, rather I will be raving over the app that I just downloaded. BeatMaker 2 is single-handedly the best app for mobile beat making hands-down bar-none above all other be making applications on your mobile device. Maybe every 3 to 6 months a new application will blow me away. But, non-are quite like this one. BeatMaker 2 is a Suite!!!Look @ these effects:

I think that I have finally found the app that crushes all other BeatMaking apps. iMashine's simplicity cannot make up for BeatMaker 2's rack of effects processors. The midi in/out is exceptional, not to mention the MIXDOWN & file transfer over a wifi connection.

Not to mention the Soundcloud & Dropbox upload codecs. I give this app not only 5, but 10 stars. I can load ::Several::: MPC "style" modules or a "Piano roll" synths & apply 3 different effects to each. Each sample pad has its own mixer & piano roll notes can be edited individually.

This is only the tip of the iceberg!!!!
it has a nice mixer. Plus, you can add an effects bus to your main out so eq'ing & compressing is a breeze. I haven't tested the gate yet, but I'm pleased to say that you can master an instrumental before it leaves your iPhone. Recording & sampling are totally editable.

Are you a midi freq? Bang.

It allows you to copy, paste, drag, drop, crop, truncate & whatever you need to do to your samples.

File import can be from your PC, your iPod,
or your environment... I could go on & on... This app is I'll sunn!!!! PEACE
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