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Sunday, December 11, 2011

iMaschine!!! #NativeInstruments



Y'all know how big I am on mobile this & mobile that. Well, this blog entry is no different. In the new era of recording, a producer does not have to book time in the studio or even boot up the laptop. Boot up your iPhone, yo. I won't co-sign on any equipment unless I've used it myself. What's surprising is, that over the last 10 or so years, the majority of "playing it forward" audio hardware module companies are investing in digital tech. This is a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH for the average joe. You may ask,"Why, is this- a major break through, Bruh Luuh?" Im going to tell you why. LoL! Let's talk less PC/Mac. Let's delve into the iWorld. A lot of modules that were $200.00-$2,000 USD a short time ago are being released as iPhone apps. The app I'm talking about today is called iMaschine. The original version of Maschine retails for about $499.00 USD at your local gear shop. The "out of box" experience is a MPC style breakout box, the software, & a gang of samples. It's a little pricey, but if you copp iMachine from the app store, it's significantly less. Like, less than $10.00 USD! WHAT? Yes... Usually, with an app you get a significantly less amount of freedom and tools to work with when hardware is converted into a mobile format. But I must say this: For what this app lacks in size, it more than makes up for it with the tools that are readily made available to you in a simple easy to use & understandable touchscreen format. If you could hear me bragging about this app audibly, you would hear the excitable tone in my voice. I am so very pleased with what they have done with iMaschine on the iPhone platform because it is far more superior to the other producer tools that I have installed on my iPhone. Before I downloaded this app I had "Beatmaker" which is also an MPC style production app. Beatmaker and it's tools are quite complex from the time that you boot it up, to making your first beat. It is a very strong learning process. In my opinion, the simplicity of iMachine trumps the workability of Beatmaker & SampleTank. I also downloaded SampleTank. For the price (FREE), SampleTank is great. Although, one of my pet peeves is a large amount of in-app purchases implemented to be able to unlock all off the particular functions of any given app. Once I pay for an application, I would like to have all of its features readily and available for me to use. So, I would rather delete an app such as this, to alleviate my hard drive of dead weight taking up space on my iPhone. iMachine RULES. It rules because it not only allows you to import your own samples, but it also acts as a DAW with mixer & pitch bend capabilities. I must also mention that you can use your iPhone microphone to record sounds, samples, and your own voice and edit them as samples or vocal tracks! The simplicity of this app makes me want to give it 6 stars as a rating on a 5 star scale. I am very happy with this purchase and I encourage you as a producer to download it also. That is all. Peace.

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