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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Know What You Are Entitled To As An Artist & Be Frugal.

With today's economy & the average 2 parent family income being around $40,000.00 , musicians without record deals should become more studio savvy & learn copyright law. When I say "Studio Savvy," what I mean is, LEARN TO BE YOUR OWN ENGINEER. Artists (such as myself) with limited funds to block time off in a commercial studio have learned to take on hybrid roles. Rapper/Producer. Manager/Promoter. These roles at vital to the success & career of any artist, although without an education in music, the love of the art is the only thing that sustains us. A lot of musicians want to know the "Holy Grail" of superstardom or the next step to get to the next level. The truth is... There is no 1 cure all for all artists to make massive amounts of money. The best option for all artists of any caliber is to be as educated in as many aspects of music creation, duplication, distribution, & royalty collection as possible. know what you are signing by knowing what you are entitled to & what you are owed. Be as frugal as you possibly can when purchasing the tools of the craft & research equipment before you buy. Most $50,000.00 business loans carry a hefty interest rate to build a studio from the inside out but it doesn't take that much $$.
It only takes a fraction of that to get a good mix on your music. Start reading.
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