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Monday, July 04, 2011

Akai MPK Mini (Yes!!!)


My new mobile set up:

Ok kiddies... That's a picture of what a modern-day DAW looks like, minus the mixer, various cables, microphones and modules. The MPK mini looks and feels like a toy Casio keyboard from 1979. But, when you plug it in and load up your interface, you see that this piece of audio equipment is far from a toy. It plugs directly into & receives power from your USB port on your laptop or desktop computer. This thing is perfect for MPC style beat making. It has a 25 key velocity – sensitive mini keyboard. It also has 8 velocity sensitive pads. These pads are back-lit, so they light up when you touch them. The pads also are connected to two banks so you have 16 total pads just like the MPC. The pads can send note information or program changes. It has eight assignable knobs that can adjust to any parameter, an appreggiator, with adjustable resolution range and parameters. It has octave up and octave down, & sustain buttons and a few other bells whistles that I want to add the blah blah blah to. The most outstanding part about this piece of equipment is that it adapts to Any DAW software, VST, or VSTi. In layman's terms: each note on the keypad is assignable to any midi & note each pad is assignable to any midi note plus the eight knobs are totally assignable to any velocity range. Awesome. I'm pretty sure that its designers had Fruity Loops in mind, but I like to use my Akai MPK mini for my VSTs in Cubase & Sonar. I would recommend this piece of audio equipment to any producer young or old. The price tag is less than $100.00 U.S.D. and you can't beat that with a bat. If you're going to purchase this, please read the manual. Otherwise, you will be totally lost like I was at 1st. This is not just a plug-and-play instrument but a interface that is only simplified if you know how it thinks. --Bruh Luuh

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