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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quincy Jones:"It's all about the sound."

Hey. It's been a minute since my last journal entry. I always let a little time pass before I do a new blog entry. I am so excited! I just got my new Musician's Friend magazine in the mail and guess who's on the cover? None other than Quincy Jones himself. I've been waiting on these new headphones for at least six months. I went on the AKG website last June to inquire about the headphones and I signed up for a newsletter to receive pricing and information on when the headphones would be available. I see that they are released, priced, and hot off the presses. These headphones look so sweet! I mean, I can do some serious damage with these. Being a big proponent of preproduction in the home studio, I truly believe in a great, no grand pair of serious headphones. I believe that if you have a great pair of headphones, you really don't need to spend a whole bunch of money on monitors. Now, I may be crucified by some other producers in the industry that do use monitors, but I believe that I achieve a great sound with my current pair of AKGs. These particular pair of headphones that Quincy Jones just released with AKG have a baseline price of $99.00 for the earbudse & the most sought after pair are $399.00 with a few other pair in-between through Musician's Friend. If you can find them cheaper than that then give me a holla'. Well, that's all for this blog. I'll catch you on the flipside Peace!

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